Performance Teams & Outreach



[2009-10 Book 1 TEAM 2 HERE]

Since 1991, XCOMPANY has fostered a deep history of performance tours and outreach. XCOMPANY Performance Teams [XPT] was created as a non-profit physical arts forum for choreographers (dance, martial arts, stunts), performers and intermediate-advanced XCOMPANY School students who have a passion to use their gifts to bless others.   XPT members are called to share their gifts, skills and talents on various performance and outreach projects. XPT is made up of several teams, according to skill & scope of the projects with a focus on using the physical arts to promote leadership, confidence, pre-professionalism and community service.  While general performances which may include theatres, casinos, nghtclubs and fairs, outreach events would include performances for low-income kids, poverty stricken communities or charitable functions.  Going against the grain, XPT strives to promote a sense of ‘using one’s gifts to bless others,’ instead of the ‘diva self-centeredness’ already rampant in many performance arts.


ONE Performance Collective [2006] (Sr. Company)

Directors: Loc Lu, Eddie Miller, Melanie Stade & Jethro Bartelings

Sr. amateur/pre-professional company. ONE is made up of performers, directors, choreographers and advanced students.  Functioning as a ‘Project-Based’ team, ONE ‘collects’ members only when a specific project, production or tour is planned.  Performance tours have included Fringe Festivals, Arts Festivals, Theatre Production and from Winnipeg to Vancouver.  Keeping with XCO’s mission for outreach, ONE has also toured to northern communities.

Team Mo’Mentum Performance [2009] (Jr./Sr. Intermediate)

Directors & Choreographers: Lyndsay Dykstra, Bretton Selent

Young Adult Performance Team – Community outreach based.  Competitive.

Team Mo’mentum Performance (TMP) is high-energy performance team, based out of Steinbach, MB.  TMP utilizes different dance styles (Hip Hop, Contemporary, Xtreme Dance Combat) to promote positive values and community outreach.

XClusive [2009] (Jr. Intermediate)

Directors: Eddie Miller
Choreographers: Eddie Miller, Angelo Lamsen, Caity Maskiew

XClusive is a Junior team which includes expressions Contemporary, Ethnic, Xtreme Dance Combat and Urban Dance.

PXT: Eternal Swag [2010] (Jr. Intermediate)

Director & Choreographer: Bretton Selent

Based out of Portage, PXT: Eternal Swag is XCOMPANY’s youngest team.


Since teams are launched based on specific projects or need, we acknowledge and honour former teams, directors and choreographers that have helped with outreach efforts.  Here is a list of our defunct teams.

Ground Zero Team [2005-2007]

Director / Choreographer: Nicole Smith

XPT Team [2002-2006]

Directors: Eddie Miller and Don Amero
Choreographers: Don Amero, Eddie Miller, Melanie Stade (Bartelings), Jocelyn Sakal (Froese), Jake Doty, Erin Lyss (Doty), Mark Medrano, Dallas Rae, Chantal McCarville, Ryan Schroeder…[to be updated]

HG Boot X Team [1997]

[to be updated]

Honor Guard Performance Team [1996-2002]

Directors: Doug Hallstead, Eddie Miller
Choreographers: Doug Hallstead, Eddie Miller, Jake Doty, Keith Sutton..[to be updated]

JC Gruv Dance Team [1992-93]

Directors: Toon Kanyavong (Sie) and Eddie Miller
Choreographers: Toon Kanyavong (Sie), Eddie Miller, Ron Crispin [to be updated]

Building upon SYNCHROnicity’s inaugural season, JC Gruv made its debut at 1992 Youth Encounter, with additional community and school performances.  Using dance to addressing issues such as conflict, violence and peace, stylistic elements included R & B, Contemporary, Hip Hop.  Live Rap performances were also a part of the expression.  A special mention goes to Filipino Churches of Christ (CCC) Wpg, for providing extra dancers and choreographic support.  Yes, they used original ‘Hammer Pants.’

SYNCHROnicity [1990-91]

Directors: Eddie Miller
Eddie’s very first official ‘Christian’ oriented dance class & team.  SYNCHROnicity dance team made its debut at Providence College’s 1991 Youth Encounter college retreat, opening up for professional music artists.  Dance elements centered on the current R&B styles.  As a groundbreaking venture, the team brought the world dance to a Christian environment that was very closed to dance as expression.  Surprisingly, after much protest from the many ‘religious’ anti-dance students, it was the College Chancellor who welcomed and encouraged the teams success!  We are forever grateful for his positivity and bold decision!

South Seas Hawaiian Dance Company [1980s]

Director: Teresita Miller