Award-Winning H.E.A.D.S.U.P. Values since 1991

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Manitoba’s ONLY Physical Arts School with National level canfitpro exercise-science FIS/PTS training standards, HIGH FIVE Childhood Development training & MPF Certifications!   Don’t accept anything less…ask your local Dance/Martial Arts Studio if they require national canfitpro/HIGH FIVE or any exercise science credentials!

HONOR – XCOMPANY promotes positive personal growth, community-building and values through the physical arts & education.
EXCELLENCEThe ONLY MANITOBAN Physical Arts organization that requires National Level Exercise Sciences training for staff…in addition to curricular expertise.
ACCOUNTABILITYWINNER of many regional, national & WORLD-LEVEL sanctioned AWARDS.
DISCIPLINEServed over 15,000 participants in over 100 MB, SK & ON communities, working with Arts, Education, Recreation,Sports, Faith,Government Agencies and FAMILIES.
SERVICESoon to be celebrating our 25th year, and?we are still FAMILY-RUN & FAMILY-FOCUSED.
UNITYXCOMPANY represents various curriculum providers, training agencies, professional associations and communities.
PEACEPromoting non-violence through its Martial Arts & STUNT Kinetix Programming.